Tuesday, June 20, 2006

AdLogger, one to watch

The open source Google AdSense tracking script project AdLogger started by Travis Fitzgerald today made it to version 1.1, which is expected to be the first stable version. The AdLogger wiki is rather sparse, but the forums are active and the project is already getting glowing reviews on WebmasterWorld. Features include performance overviews (page views, unique visitors who clicked, CTR, visitor conversion rate), logs of click information (date/time, IPs, target URLs, channels), auto-banning users who spam clicks in an attempt to get you banned, and blocking your own ad clicks from your IP (something AdSense has sorely lacked for a long time).

I said yesterday that traffic-measuring scripts are kipple, but I should clarify that to mean scripts which load from third-party sites, which AdLogger is pleasingly not an example of, being reliant solely on your own MySQL data store and local PHP scripts. Everyone using the LAMP platform should consider AdLogger, though it may be wise to wait until the code has settled down a bit more and Travis has had time to devise ever more complex ways to slice the data that his code accretes.

Good luck with it, Travis!


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