Thursday, June 08, 2006

Stay regular with Aussie BRAN

Three of the Australian tech industry's more prominent freelance journalists have banded together to start a weekly half-hour podcast called BRAN. Roulla Yiacoumi, Angus Kidman and Nathan Taylor are the hosts. I've only heard the first episode so far, and apart from some problems with levels (Angus, are you podcasting from a swing?!? ... get closer to the mic and don't move about!) they sounded very professional. Did I detect a splice or two? No matter.

Angus is always the life of the party and Nathan's knowledge is suitably impressive, but for mine the star of the show is Roulla. I look forward to her deadpan putdowns. Cameron: sign this mob up, stat! They could be the Aussie version of TWiT.

Once they get up to speed with Skype tech and get a decent little audience going, I would be fascinated to see if they try out live shows with talkback. Working IT journalists have had far too little interaction with their audience for too long, but hopefully podcasting and blogging will allow more feedback from the people who pay their wages.


Anonymous Renai LeMay said...

"Working IT journalists have had far too little interaction with their audience for too long"

I dunno man, it depends on where you work ;)

My personal view is that ZDNet Australia talks to a lot of IT managers and CIOs in Australia.


Renai LeMay

11:51 am, June 08, 2006  
Blogger Paul Montgomery said...

I'd like to see those talks in a live, recorded setting, Renai. Perhaps ZDNet can make a deal with Odeo to enable a talkback comment feature for its blogs? :P

2:48 pm, June 08, 2006  

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