Monday, June 19, 2006

Cameron Reilly to Marcus Frind: WTH?

Here's a little snippet from the end of today's G'Day World #134 podcast, with Cameron Reilly and Richard Giles discussing Canadian Marcus Frind's cheque from Google for two months of AdSense revenue from dating site

Cam: $885,273.71 US.
Rich: So that's for two months, two months of earnings. That's pretty good, innit?
Cam: That's just ridiculous. What the hell? ...
Rich: Yyyyyyyep.
Cam: ... ... That's just crazy, no way.
Rich: It's good, innit?
Cam: No, no, that's...
Rich: (chuckles)
Cam: I'm flabbergasted. I'm absolutely flabbergasted that he's making that amount of money. What the hell?
Rich: $5.4 million if he sustained that over a year.
Cam: ... so... he's... actually...
Rich: I'm actually meeting him at ah, he's going to Supernova, so Clay and I are hopefully going to connect with him and hopefully he buys the beers.
Cam: So he's made almost a million bucks in two months from AdSense.
Rich: Mmm.
Cam: What the hell?

An excellent question, Cam. I think we're in the wrong game.


Anonymous Cameron Reilly said...

yeah i was a little tongue tied. When are you doing that interview with me hoss?

9:13 pm, June 21, 2006  
Anonymous Richard Giles said...

I chatted with him last night over a beer (bought by everyone at Supernova), and he seems very cluey. He has some controversial ideas, but overall he knows what he's talking about.


5:31 am, June 23, 2006  

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