Monday, June 19, 2006

Franklin a future star? Yeah Buddy!

Despite Australia losing to Brazil last night at the World Cup, which was to be expected (though the poor standard of refereeing with 25-9 fouls against us and Harry losing his cool at the end was not), yesterday was a lovely day of spectator sport due to the exploits of one Lance "Buddy" Franklin, who tore the Tigers a new one in sunny Launceston to the tune of six goals and a hand in several others for my beloved mighty Hawks. Imagine Buddy coming off the bench in Munich, he'd have given Cafu the heebie-jeebies! As long as no one told Cafu that Buddy doesn't have a right foot, something Ray Hall didn't seem to figure out. I look forward to many more sunny afternoons watching Buddy run around like a little kid at a candy store, playing keepings-off with the other kids.

Plus my Dream Team is winning, which always brings a smile to my face. Now for that Croatia game. A point is all we need, then bring on Italy!


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