Saturday, April 22, 2006

One eye on the prize

This blog has been relatively dormant for a while now. There are reasons for that.

The first is that I have been fulfilling a contract for Phil Sim to develop a sports community site called 1Eyed Sports, as Phil explains. I did not feel justified in blogging much through the development period because I thought it would be rude to be blogging when that time could be better spent coding, especially towards the end of the project. I'm happy with the final product, and I wish Phil well in his endeavours.

The second is that I'm now on a rather punishing schedule for getting code out the door on several of my own projects, not the least of which is Tinfinger. I don't have VC or angel funding, or huge wads of cash left over from a high-paying corporate job, or a large bunch of other co-founders to share the workload. Just myself and Tai, and a bunch of ideas. (Cameron Reilly's post on opportunity cheered me up though.)

The third is that I'm saving some post subjects up for when I start daily problogging at a new location next month. I have been considering how to structure a daily blog for what is ostensibly a MSM outlet. How do you meet a set publishing schedule while retaining the spontaneity of blogs? How easy is it to slip back into the like it/don't like it consumerist mindset? How do I keep up consistent quality and avoid posts consisting solely of lazy linkfests or boring remainders? What sort of narrative should the blog form over the long term, so that the opportunity of such a platform is not wasted on merely parroting popular opinion, but changing it? I have a few ideas on how to address these issues, and I am looking forward to testing them out on a public stage.


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