Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Fun and games, tra la la

It's all fawns gambolling through meadows of daisies around here at the moment with our funding due to run out later this month. The reason I haven't blogged for a week is that I've been flailing around in ever-decreasing circles trying to find some short-term cashflow. I've managed to keep the wolves from the door with a small injection of Mawsons despite getting doors slammed in my face at every other turn. I even dabbled with the thought of moving to the US, since it seems (as I have found through first-hand experience) that getting a gig with a Silicon Valley company is damn near impossible if you and the company's offices are separated by water.

I have made many mistakes with Tinfinger and FanFooty so far, mostly due to poor timing: meaning, being late. Everyone I talk to agrees with me that the two businesses have great long-term potential. Witness the Herald-Sun getting into the fantasy football business this week with a big new comp. That market is hotting up and FanFooty is well-positioned with the only other whitelabel product in Australia. I'm kicking myself that I didn't approach Fairfax or News Corp three months ago. I should have known that the local rags would have seen the 131,000 users of the AFL Dream Team in 2005 up from 52,000 the year before, looked at how all the big newspapers in the UK have fantasy soccer comps, and put two and two together to figure out that fantasy sports comps can be solid circulation boosters. Oh well, next year (of course, I was saying that last year - idiot!).

And yes, Tinfinger hasn't launched yet. Sorry about that Cam.

If the above didn't cause you to head off to the sink to open a vein, here's something to cheer you up: my early pick for Blog Post Of The Year. It took a self-described "former Drug and Alcohol abuser and addict" to nail Scoble's self-aggrandising bullshit and portray it as a pitiful cry for help. Alan Herrell, I salute you.


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