Friday, March 24, 2006

How to Fu** a Startup

1. I have four Keith & The Girl episodes to catch up on. I've been busy.
2. Oh god, the pain of moving to your own server. The pain. (A week of pain.)
3. Our private funding officially ran out today. Yay!

I have found a (very) short-term consulting job - my first one! Not that much different to being a journalist, really. You're still sitting at a computer researching and producing text for 95% of the time and talking with people the other 5%, although in this case the text is whiles, selects and load data infiles instead of headlines, standfirsts and bodies. Tai has been looking for something similar, and you'd think that considering he is a far better programmer than me it would be easier for him, what with his 10+ years of experience and the bit of paper with an official stamp from a university. Perhaps there's such a thing as being overqualified.

Paul Graham's essays on startups aren't getting any less accurate, in my current experience. Take the one on How To Fund A Startup. His cautionary words on the perils of combining a startup with third-party consulting are particularly apposite.

So you have to be very disciplined if you take the consulting route. You have to work actively to prevent your company growing into a "weed tree," dependent on this source of easy but low-margin money.

In the spirit of Paul's warnings, we will have to make sure not to forget about Tinfinger or our other business, FanFooty. The new AFL season starts next Thursday and FanFooty will be running as usual. I'd like to blog more, but Dreamweaver is calling.


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