Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The amazing Jonathan Atherton

TechCrunch today reviewed a music widget-rolling service called Tunefeed, which is a new venture by an existing company called which had previously specialised in printing digital images... and dating. Its CEO rejoices in the name of Jonathan Atherton, and an egosearch brings up some interesting results in Google. We know JA is a skier, since he is namechecked and given his own photo in issue #3 of the Deep Powder Tours Webzine in a report on an expedition to a place in Japan called Rusutsu.

More interestingly, a person with the same name is also a well-established Brisbane stand-up comedian, after-dinner speaker, screen actor and computer game voiceover man who got his start in a walk-on part for Good Morning Vietnam. His IMDB bio reveals some startling details.

Known for his linguist talents: fluent in German, Indonesian, Malay, Thai, Lugandan and Swahili, and some Japanese, Lao, Hindi as well as several other African and Asian dialects.

He studies linguistics, anthropology and religion at the University of Queensland, Australia.

He lived in Central Africa for two years teaching English and working as safari guide in Uganda. He was initiated into Uganda's largest tribe the Baganda. In Asia, he lived in Thailand for two years and taught English in Japan for six months.

Are Jonathan the comedian and Jonathan the CEO one and the same? If so, how freakin' easy is it going to be for some MSM journo to find a hook for a profile? Cameron Reilly, get this man in front of a microphone, stat!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

These are very different men!

2:11 pm, February 01, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the jon atherton you are looking for is probably the same sleazeball that did the paris hilton video scam and fraudulent billing scam. he then took it further and ripped all his webmasters off for millions.

where is he today, there is probably a lot of prices on that losers head.

4:06 pm, May 14, 2008  

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