Monday, February 20, 2006

If ya can't beat 'em, license 'em

Ansearch is yet another of the Aussie Internet startups with global ambitions which prove the local Web 2.0 push is definitively based in Melbourne, not smelly old Sydney. Via Andrew Pascoe and Ben Barren we learn that Ansearch, a cherry-picking search engine which launched in late 2004 making noises about challenging Google and added an online advertising arm called soush last July (another leaf logo!) to make good on that promise, has now announced that it has become an "authorised reseller of Google advertising solutions".

Like Andrew, I am peering cautiously at the wording of the announcement, and would like to hear more details (hint hint to those Memeorandum-link-hungry IT journos out there! That means you Renai.). Normally for all things AdSensian you would expect to find JenSense all over it like a Hawaiian shirt, but Andrew seems to have got the scoop on this one (gj!). Maybe when it's time for her to wake up she'll decode it for us mere mortals. Until then I'm scratching my head almost as much as when I try to parse one of Ben's posts.


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