Wednesday, February 22, 2006

* Ponies not included

Adam Green has been enjoying the various discussions of what are being called memetrackers by the principals of the various sites. That's understandable, since the people involved have been reasonably open in discussing their techniques and feature sets. Now he has taken the unexpected step of founding an advisory board to oversee the development of a group blog featuring the thoughts of the protagonists in this new sector, also appointing Dan Gillmor and John Musser to the board with him.

My first thought is that the phrase "advisory board" is a bit dangerous given recent events. However, since Adam said some very nice things about me recently, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. My concern, as with the RSS furore, is that the board is acting without asking the people who really matter, which in this case means the operators of the memetrackers such as Kevin, Greg and Gabe. It certainly doesn't help that Adam says this:

The posts could be at any frequency, and hopefully the colloborative effort would alleviate the defensiveness Gabe sometimes demonstrates and the combativeness Kevin seems prone to.

I don't disagree that such a venture would be fascinating to those with an interest in the field. If such a thing is to be attempted, may I suggest that instead of a blog, the concept be implemented as a wiki. Also, it's a bit silly announcing a board without having a charter. Perhaps then it could be judged by its intentions and goals, not just by the thought of "I'd love to see this".


Anonymous Adam Green said...


You are absolutely right. I have committed sepuku.

I assume the pony reference is the punchline to a joke, but I don't know it and the asterisk doesn't seem to go link to anything. Please explain. I guess it has something to do with manure.

3:43 am, February 23, 2006  
Blogger Paul Montgomery said...

Hey dude, I'm on your side. It would be a great thing if you could pull it off. Best of luck!

The title is a gentle dig at the size of your ambition. Next you'll be wanting a magic moon pony too. :P

3:56 am, February 23, 2006  

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