Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Buy a has-Beenz domain, cheap!

Via Open (finds, minds, conversations)... and in reference to the reinvention of micropayments, bidding is open for the Beenz.com domain. Reserve price is set at US$300,000, but the only bid you have to beat is five grand by some plucky young entrepreneur named bkhomaan. Applause for bkhomaan, please!

I remember when ex-editor of The Australian's IT section Mark Hollands became the local country manager for Beenz back during the first dot com boom. Their PR gimmick (everyone had one) was to send around a big jar of red jelly beans to IT magazines. I made the mistake of eating a handful of those beans after they'd been sitting around the office for a while, and I was shitting though the eye of a needle for days afterwards. As I sat on the porcelain throne back in those heady days of excitement and hype, I could only appreciate the irony that I was atoning for my sins by making micropayments out of my arse.


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