Thursday, January 12, 2006

Under the Southern Cross I stand, a sprig of wattle in my hand

Partially in response to Ben Barren's call for Australian-only Web 2.0 content, I present the Tinfinger national search function (Aussie example), bringing the total number of cells in our structured search matrix to 24 (4 types of content to search in, 6 types of data to search for). Those people for whom a nationality is recorded have a little national flag at the end of their list of tags, which you can click through to get search results for that country's people. At the moment we only support two-character ISO3166 country codes (AU for Australia, etc) but we'll do full country names later today. Plenty of other things to work through in the meantime, Boony willing.

Oh, and Ben's got his own Ben Barren profile, as yet unsullied with much in the way of content but that's going to change very soon. Oh yes it will.

UPDATE: Full country names are now implemented in the nation search.


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