Sunday, December 04, 2005

Aussie Web BBQ 2.0: Dec 16

We have a date for the sequel to the Melbourne Long Tail Camp. According to MC Ben Barren, Friday December 16 is when local and interlocal Web entrepreneurs, coders, journos, hangers-on and relatives of Michael Leone will come together to discuss goings on in the Web 2.0 world, and to participate in the feeding-time-at-the-croc-farm free-for-all that is the demo/presentation process (as Ben eloquently puts it, "we turn your Web 2.0 demo into Jam").

As Ben adds, we'll have some beta Tinfinger code to show off, and I have heard a whisper or two that Ben himself may finally have something to demo. Whether that's just his rendition of 2.0 Ain't Noise Pollution I don't know. He has remained vague in the extreme about what it is his venture actually is beyond that it's something feed-related, so I'm dead curious. All will, hopefully, be revealed on the 16th. (I'm guessing same Bat time, same Bat channel as the last one - meaning 7 for 7.30, at 33 Regent St in Elsternwick - but since Ben hasn't officially confirmed that I suppose you have to watch this space.)

As Dipper says: BE THERE!


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