Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Omnidrive: another Aussie startup

I had heard Nik Cubrilovic's name mentioned elsewhere as one of the few independent entrepreneurs currently working in the Web space in Australia, and noted that he was thinking about Web 2.0 as well. Today Nik posted about his new venture in the comments to a TechCrunch article about unfulfilled startup ideas. #1 on Mike Arrington's wishlist was "Better and Cheaper Online File Storage" and Nik posted this in reply:

Hi Mike. My stealth-mode startup is about to commercialise what I believe is what you are asking for with #1. A lot of the comments here have pointed to other providers but every one of these is a ‘me too’ of xdrive - which is a technology and business model that is over 5 years old. Our offering (currently in early alpha) covers what you have mentioned and the client software goes beyond what flickr uploader does by being tightly integrated with the host operating system. We will also be supporting windows, mobile, mac and web from day 1 with public beta due around christmas.

Only problem with your comments is the pricing - no provider can afford 500GB for $20 and build a business out of it, 2GB for free is much more reasonable but it would be bandwidth limited (as the flickr free account is). I will get in touch with you and give you more details if you are interested in hearing more, otherwise there is some basic information and a beta signup form at

Nik also appears to be the front man for Pleech, a "web-based news aggregator" that is currently in alpha. I wish Nik the best of luck with his ventures. Maybe we'll see him at a barbeque!


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