Wednesday, November 09, 2005

GEMAYA's priority #1: hack Memeorandum

Despite the valiant efforts of Pete Cashmore et al to hack Memeorandum on behalf of HUAR: Humans United Against Robots, they never even managed to get their hack onto the main body of the site's stories, instead being relegated to the also-rans down the bottom. Top billing these days is the near-exclusive domain of GEMAYA, the collective noun for the Google/eBay/Microsoft/Amazon/Yahoo/AOL hegemony. Check the subject of the top story for each of the last 10 days at noon ET:
Nov 8: Grokster
Nov 7: Yahoo
Nov 6: Google
Nov 5: Microsoft
Nov 4: wireless (with Amazon/Google at #2)
Nov 3: Yahoo/Google/Microsoft
Nov 2: Microsoft
Nov 1: Microsoft
Oct 31: SBC
Oct 30: Google

It remains for a PhD student to do a more exhaustive analysis, but the message is clear, to me at least: too much focus on what the followers are doing, and not enough on the leaders. That's part of the reason I want the Melbourne Long (Roo) Tail Camp to work: I think people should realise that innovation is not going to come from the huge rump, it's the long tail of little guys & gals toiling away in their tiny quantum of suburbia. Some of whom I hope to meet on this Friday and future, similar events.


Blogger miss rogue said...

Hi Paul,

Although my original post was intended as a joke, which Alex Barnett played along with (and others, like Ben, Eran, Scoble, etc. followed), I think we can safely say that this little experiment has done something significant:

a. you are talking about it
b. it did appear in my aggregator at 12:10 this afternoon:
c. it is 'sticking' to memeorandum for a long time (since it first appeared on Monday evening in the 'other items', it hasn't disappeared)

One thing I do have to say is that, being the originator of the whole thread, it has demonstrated a definite bias to other blogs referencing me. I never did appear as the originator of the thread.

9:02 am, November 10, 2005  
Blogger Paul Montgomery said...

Yes, I notice it has crept up again. I take all the credit for my link, of course!

9:09 am, November 10, 2005  

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