Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Bong territory

A gem buried at the end of an O'Reilly Radar post today:

Of course, once you talk about reforming the music industry's business models and doing away with traditional hit-maker labels, you end up harumphing "long tail" and you rapidly sound like you've been to Battelle's house for joints after midnight. No old school software company liked the open source and Internet changes, but the software industry is bigger and better for them. Is there a bigger and better future for the music industry? We're not out of bong territority yet, but the netlabels are a promising glimpse at what could be.

Emphasis his, not mine or benbarren's. Visiting my uncle's place as I do every week or so, I am familiar second-hand with bong territory and know of its stench of unreality. But hey, everything's funny when you're stoned.


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