Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Anarchy in the .au

It's coming some time: Friday. At the Melbourne Long-Tail Camp. (That name again is Mr Plow.)

So anyway, one of my personal highlights from yesterday's pre-camp pow-wow with ben barren was when he accused me of being a communist and wanting to turn the event into a collective. I admit to having run with the communists at university in my time co-editing Catalyst. I participated in my fair share of collective meetings chaired by green-dreadlocked anarcho-syndicalists and radical hairy-legged buzzcut "feminazis". I was never accepted into their inner sanctum back then, but I guess ben was correct in identifying that I was subconsciously projecting those internalised mental freedoms onto this new new thing.

I suspect something different will surface when we all actually sit around in the dappled light of an Elsternwick evening and shoot the shit until said shit is well and truly shotten. My early favourite for a name for the movement is Red Cordial. We're not in the business of lyrebirding American trends, but I'm sick of hearing Kool-Aid mentioned when we have a perfectly good local example. Oops, red is another commie ref! Oh well. If you want a manifesto, here's a 1996 outtake from my callow youth which will do for now.


Anonymous Ian Holsman said...

Wish I could come and see what the other melbourne hackers/web ppl are up to..

good luck with it, and be sure to blog it (as if you wouldn't).. people are reading!

9:59 pm, November 09, 2005  
Blogger Paul Montgomery said...

Shall do Ian... put your name on the wiki anyway on the list of future attendees.

11:12 pm, November 09, 2005  

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