Monday, November 07, 2005

Melbourne Long Tail Camp

Ben Barren took my virginity today. My Skype virginity, that is. After reading so much of hig blog I was a bit worried about what it would be like talking to him, since it was so hard to figure out what he was saying when he wrote it down. Not to worry, he spoke actual English during our 75-minute call... it's just that he spoke so damn much of it. It's like someone gave Hunter S. Thompson an Australian accent, too much speed (given it's Hunter S., that means a SHITLOAD of speed) and a Matrix-style Web 2.0 "upgrade" to the prefrontal cortex. Not that I can make any great claims to verbal lucidity: I have a face for radio and a voice for print. I think it's safe to say we're both far better communicators in the written word. Which doesn't bode well for a face-to-face event, but there you have it.

In amongst the echolalia, we thrashed out details of what we are calling the Melbourne Long Tail Camp, although it is only a prequel to something that will go under a different, more localised name. I managed to verbally hold him down and squeeze out some actual facts, which I will recreate here since Ben's post on the subject was typically dense.

Where: 33 Regent Street, Elsternwick.
When: Late arvo for helping set up and start cooking, very soon afterwards for when the first beer is opened, 7pm for when the first round of tucker will be cooked, and then 7.30pm for when the first presentation begins.
Who: Entrepreneurs, coders, investors, journos, university/high school prodigies, Old Media salarimen, ASIO spooks, and probably some clapped-out old bore who everyone ignores.
What to bring: A plate (in the Australian meaning of the word, meaning put something edible on the plate), grog (and beware, ye shalt be judged upon thy choice of beverage), laptop, ALL of your startup's employees (not just the marketing dude or the CEO), sleeping bag/change of underpants/toiletries if needed, candid pics of hot celebs to keep Ben happy.
What NOT to bring: World-weary cynicism, sneering attitude, holier-than-thou 1.0 haughtiness, list of buyout candidates for your startup, jellied fruit.
What will be provided: Free wireless Internet, white board, digital projector, textas, A1 paper which participants MUST use to record collaborative discussions, phat mashup beats, snags, dead horse, blowies, dunny.
How long for: Ostensibly just for the Friday evening, but if a bunch of coders all get excited about a group project or whatever, could stretch into a weekend-long collaborative project sleepover dealie. It's a house, so there will be bits of carpet rented out FREE for which to kip on (BYO sleeping bag).
How many will give presentations: Two confirmed at the moment (me and Ben), others TBC. If you are coming, and you have something you could talk about, please register your presentation.
Why: Because we think that despite all the bullshit, there is something worth building on in this Web 2.0 thingumabob. And it's worth getting a bunch of Aussies together to figure out how we can actually make a long-term local contribution this time, as opposed to last time where (apart from Evan Thornley) we all got screwed and the usual suspects ended up mopping up everything and everyone for a song.


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