Monday, November 07, 2005

Come on mate and grab a plate

Let's have a barbeque. Specifically a leg of the Long Tail Camp, this Friday at an as-yet-undisclosed location in the Melbourne suburb of Elsternwick, which is where benbarren works on Feedtagger. It's difficult to figure out what ben's saying at the best of times, but in this case we're going to have to wait for exact location and time. UPDATE: Details have been released here, and the wiki is now open for registrations of attendees and presenters here. I'll be presenting there in any case. I'm keen to see who turns up, what is presented, and who wins the Alpha Male battle to control the burning cooking of the meat.

More importantly, I'll be fascinated to see who is still there on Sunday morning, reheating dessicated snags and polishing off the last of the flat VB. Or maybe VB won't be the drink of choice? The most popular beer at the event will be a key metric for the eventual fate of Web 2.0 in Australia. VB: not good, a sign of it being dull and low key. Stella: not the best either, indicates too many dilettantes. Heineken: cripes mate, stick to Aussie beers ya galah. Foster's: stop pandering to American stereotypes of Australia, no one drinks Foster's here. Carlton Draught, Cooper's Pale Ale or Cascade Premium: now you're talking, champ... dot com 2.0 millions await!


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