Sunday, January 08, 2006

Week 1 of the Tinfinger Challenge

The first full week of the new year has passed, and already my predictions for 2006 are right on the money.

10. is still full of spam.
9. Battelle quoted his book. Gillmor used his ZDNet blog to shill for attention. Scoble gave five favourable mentions to Microsoft projects (1 2 3 4 5). Man, all my predictions in this category coming true in a single week, and I was only shooting for a month! Maybe I should have been more daring. Well, it's a long year ahead.
8. Google, Yahoo and Microsoft have all taken turns at dominating tech.memeorandum on behalf of GEMAYA Islamiah, partly due to CES coverage.
7. I'm a bit worried about this one actually, due to the momentous news that I'm Not Dave has agreed on merger terms with Eye On Winer. Consolidation in the anti-Dave-Winer blog sector is not good for my prediction of expansion in the snarkosphere. Thankfully, the launch of Those Bastards! has kept the numbers steady.
6. No action on this front yet, but plenty of time (and testosterone) in reserve.
5. Alex Barnett mentioned attention. I mentioned Memeorandum (dammit!). Rogers Cadenshead hasn't fulfilled his end of the bargain yet, but there's still three weeks left in January.
4. No non-US Web 2.0 deals at all to speak of yet, let alone worth US$20m. My buyout offer was nowhere near twenty.
3. Not up to speed on this one.
2. Dave Winer complained about Google already, but hasn't whined about getting credit (he came close).
1. No Winer-sourced flame wars yet. Early days. (Oh, and Dave? That's not the ring they mean.)

Overall, I don't think I'm in much danger of getting painted in most categories. Try harder, blogosphere!


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