Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Podcast with Duncan Riley on OpenID and attention

I recorded a podcast today with TechCrunch writer and Aussie 2.0 kingmaker Duncan Riley as episode #2 of his new TPN show called On The Pod.

I started off with the usual spiel explaining the history of FanFooty and Tinfinger, with a bit of a sideways discussion of Mahalo (awesome review by Rich Skrenta, btw). Then we moved on to talk of turnkey social networking applications, with which I have some experience as a developer because Tai and I are in the middle of integrating the PeopleAggregator app from Marc Canter's startup Broadband Mechanics into Tinfinger.

Then we got on to the meat of the discussion, which centred around online identity, OpenID and what the future holds for privacy in the social networking industry. I threw in some points about attention management software because I think there are significant connections between the future of the two concepts. We talked in passing about Facebook, Spock and Root Markets. Fresh in my mind were the thoughts of a few luminaries: Dave Winer and Brad Fitzpatrick (plus bonus anti-OpenID rant from someone I've never heard of!).

This was the second time I've appeared on The Podcast Network in recent times: I was on episode #268 of Cameron Reilly's show G'Day World to talk international politics late last month. Despite both Duncan and Cameron having confessed to being long-term Liberal voters in the past, they're both top blokes and I enjoyed myself during both shows immensely. Thanks to both!

Meanwhile, the Coaches Box fantasy footy podcast I co-host with Phillip "Molly" Malone is up to episode #16, and talks are ongoing about moving the show to a certain offline format for next Australian rules football season. I never thought I was much of a talker, due to my terrible habits of mumbling and rabbiting on (not to mention I've got a face for radio but a voice for print)... but I'm getting plenty of practice in.


Blogger Brian said...

OpenID is a nice URL-based identity solution for integration with other services. AOL, LiveJournal, 37 Signals, and Near-Time have all embraced it for their users. has more information on Near-Time's recent implementation of OpenID.

5:31 am, August 23, 2007  

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