Monday, April 16, 2007

Invade rage, maintain the meme

I haven't got tagged with a blog meme yet, but I like the Invade rage one started by Bruce at Thinker's Podium. I think I'll seed it to the 2.0 community. For the uninitiated, rage is a 20-year-old music video program on Australian government broadcaster ABC on Friday and Saturday overnight. Unlike MTV, rage still actually plays music videos... and that's all they do. Every Saturday night they have a guest programmer, usually another musician, who spin the vids and gives a short commentary on about every fourth one, usually giving shoutouts to their musical influences. They currently have a contest on for some random viewer to program one night.

rage influences my dreams a lot. I spend a lot of post-midnight Friday and Saturday nights coding with rage on in my headphones (yes, yes, I'm a sad individual). On Saturday and Sunday mornings I often wake up after dreaming that I had gone back in time to my high school years in the late 80s and somehow I knew how to play the songs I had heard on rage the previous evening, and I had started a band, recorded those songs before the real stars thought them up and turned myself into a big star. Kind of an extension to Michael J. Fox showing his parents' 60s homecoming what 80s power chords are like in Back To The Future I, that sort of scenario.

Maybe I've said too much. Anyway, here's my rage playlist, limited to 20 as per the competition:

INXS, What You Need. INXS was my first favourite band, Kick was the first album I bought. Kicks off the playlist with a killer song and awesome video.
Men At Work, Land Down Under. My family somehow procured a tape of Business As Usual while spending two years living in India in the 80s, it was a vital piece of Australiana when we had precious little of it.
Ratcat, Don't Go Now. This band was huge in my first year of uni, perfect disposable pop. Nice simple video too.
Regurgitator, Kung Foo Sing. I interviewed two of these dudes while editing Catalyst, then watched them play at the Corner Hotel. That got me hooked.
Butterfingers, Yo Mama. I like many of the new breed of Aussie hop hop merchants, and Butterfingers has an enjoyable jokey vibe.
Sonic Animation, Theophilus Thistler. I loved their double album, played that shit for months.
Kylie Minogue, Can't Get Blue Monday Out Of My Head (live at the 2002 BRIT Awards). I'd like more mashups since that's been pretty much the only music I have listened to recently, but there are precious few videos available and this one is pretty special.
The Beatles, Get Back. I was named after Paul McCartney, so I had to include one of his.
Stone Roses, I Wanna Be Adored. Everyone picks Fool's Gold when they come on rage, but it wasn't even on their first album, which is one of the best albums ever made. If it was possible to get I Am The Resurrection then that would sub in here, but I don't know if there was a video for that.
Massive Attack, Rising Son. Ideally I'd like Angel here but I don't think there is a video for that. Quality band.
Radiohead, No Surprises. 2001 homage in the video, beautiful music. What's not to like?
Muse, Stockholm Syndrome. I once got a speeding ticket going up the Hume Highway for going 140kmh while listening to the guitar riff of this song and forgetting about my foot on the accelerator whilst headbanging. True story.
Beastie Boys, Sabotage. Greatest video ever made.
Red Hot Chilli Peppers, What I Got. Hot video, awesome song, another from my uni days.
Nirvana, Lithium. Of course.
Lenny Kravitz, Mama Said. Tough to choose between this one and Are You Gonna Go My Way, but I like this one's edge better.
Busta Rhymes, Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See. Awesome video, fine song.
Madonna, Respect Yourself. I always respected Madonna, she had complete control over her message.
Jeff Buckley, Lover You Should Have Come Over (live version). No explanation necessary. It was a bloody travesty that Pink Floyd beat Jeff for Australia's favourite album.
American Pie, Don McLean. Every playlist should end with Don McLean. The greatest song of all time. My dad infected me with McLean love, and I still love him.

So there it is. A bunch of Aussies followed by Poms and then Yanks. Now, I tag ben barren, Duncan Riley, Phil Sim, Cameron Reilly and Bronwen Clune. Get programming!



Blogger Bruce said...

Just for that, I've added you to my blogroll... (actually, it's because I like the look of your blog and will have a look around at it for a while.)

Incidentally, did you actually enter the competition?

~ Bruce

4:26 pm, April 24, 2007  

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