Monday, April 23, 2007

Too big to Twitter, too small to blog separately

• The Allure Media versions of Gizmodo and Defamer soft-launched today. The editor of Defamer Australia is Jess McGuire, who was poached from another blog called Ausculture according to Nice choice of launch day: Jess liveblogged the first episode of the new series of Big Brother.

• I started a new FanFooty blog during the week. A couple of days after starting it, one of the handful of bloggers who had started fantasy AFL blogs this season contacted me and as a result he has joined the blog as a writer. Nice to have you on board, Tim N! I haven't been on a group blog before but I'm sure it will be fun.

• From my NetVibes subscriptions: 901am OUT, Found+Read IN.

• We're commissioning a second Web server. Naming systems for servers traditionally follow a theme, something which I enjoyed back at RMIT where all the servers were named after planets which appeared in episodes of Doctor Who. Our first server is called mataji, after the guru Shri Mataji of whom co-founder Tai was enamoured for a while. We have discussed what we'd codename the second server. Our first thought was gandhi, though that started to cause confusion with a business associate's name. Our latest choice is mandela. I'm still not happy with that since it sounds too similar to mataji. Further thought is undoubtedly required. Deep, deep thought.


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