Friday, August 25, 2006

Opensewr, the river of refuse

Shelley nails the flow... on the... um... head with YellowGatr, her all new, never-been-though-of-before piddle of news concept. Generation gap, pshaw. Damn kids.

I bagsies brown, Shelley. I shall shortly launch Opensewr, a revolutionary open source river-of-refuse metaphor. Opensewr will consign outdated concepts from Web 2.0 to the toilet of history. It is perfectly suited to those of an older persuasion whose "products" are pleasingly regular. It will also coexist neatly with certain sites' wiping of their RSS feeds every day by introducing the concept of "flushing" your feed at predetermined times, to clean out all the old detritus clogging up your river. I'll also be working with Gabe Rivera to get DrekMeme up and running.

Opensewr. What can brown do for AdSense?


Blogger Shelley said...

I bagsies brown, Opensewr, that's terrific!

1:50 pm, August 25, 2006  

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