Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Portrait of the Web 2.0 Entrepreneur as a Young Pimp

Hey ladies!!!!!

Yes, it's Tony (nee Tai) Tran, my co-founder, in front of our share house in the inner Geelong suburb of Newtown. He's had that custom plate for months now, but the 1995 Saab 9000CD (vintage, maaaaate!) is relatively new to his driveway. Tony's dog is named Charlie... I'm not quite sure what that name means in the context of Tony's dad (who lives with Tony's mum out the back) being a veteran of the Vietnam War who regularly walks around in army fatigues, although since Tran senior fought on the side of the South I'm not that worried. I had a long discussion with Tran The Elder yesterday about telecommunications policy, although much of it had to be accomplished via Tony as interpreter.

Tony is 35, likes walks on the beach, and sings along to Savage Garden (or at least he did yesterday). He looooves sword-and-sandal films of the 1960s: Ben Hur is on high rotation on his DVD player, followed by Spartacus and various Bible epics. He enjoys talking about philosophical bullshit at all hours of the morning, preferably involving religion. He attends Jehovah's Witnesses meetings, more for the atmosphere than anything else, but he also reads the Qoran and has three more copies on order from Amazon. He has previously rejoiced in the nickname of "Mr Dodgy" due to his fervour for get-rich-quick schemes, none of which have to this date made him rich, but he has parlayed his earnings over the years into a tidy lump sum which he uses to speculate on the stock market with no small success.

He is looking for a nice girl, without too many "Ks on the clock" as he puts it. Willingness to discuss theology is preferred, but a girl who can decipher quarterly reports of obscure "penny dreadful" mining companies would be even better. In return, Tony can promise nights of unbridled passion, but no Passion of the Christ since he thought it was too violent.

All of the above is true. If Tony sounds like your ideal man, please reply in the comments with a link to a picture (tasteful!) and your favourite verses from Psalms.


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