Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Georgia: a font of our times

Is Georgia the official font of Web 2.0? 1.0 was defined by Times New Roman - still the default font in Web browsers - but I'm seeing Georgia much more often these days as a body font, especially on blogs. Part of it is, I think, simply that it is not Times. Designers want something new to differentiate themselves from the old, and Georgia is pretty much the only non-Times serif alternative that ships as standard on both Macs and what used to be called IBM-compatibles (as it was part of Microsoft's Web core font project). Perhaps the reason Georgia never caught on during the original Web boom is that it doesn't look nearly as good as Times when aliased, whereas antialiasing has become the norm now so the difference is not noticeable.

If Palatino was more widespread on PCs then maybe it would have had a shot, I always liked it as a body font. Frutiger is currently making a minor bid to outseat Verdana and Helvetica/Arial, but I'm not seeing much traction beyond My favourite font is Gutcruncher, which was used as the font of the board game Blood Bowl.


Blogger blugg said...

Trebuchet MS is the font for Web 2.0 ;)

2:51 am, October 27, 2005  
Blogger Paul Montgomery said...

I respectfully disagree!

3:25 am, October 27, 2005  

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