Monday, October 24, 2005

White Guy In A Suit 2.0

I always loved that Letterman bit they did every four years when US presidential elections came around, and Paul Schaffer did a review of the candidates which consisted of everyone being a "white guy in a suit". I did a year of Economics at the University of Melbourne back in 1991, where there was a strict dress code for certain student cliques: every economics student had to wear a piece of Country Road clothing on their body at all times. One day one of the clique members was discovered in a bus with what looked like top to toe non-CR attire. He was wrestled down and stripped, but he earned a reprieve from eternal social damnation when it was discovered he had remembered his Country Road underpants (true story!).

Looking at pics of Arrington/Winer at the TechCrunch Party with similarly attired crackas and the four guys at the bottom of this blog entry, I can't help but think that a similar bit could be fashioned for Web 2.0 disciples. White Guy In A Tieless Single-Button-Unbuttoned Business Shirt?


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