Monday, September 18, 2006

Vlog or podcast... a third way

I watched the discussion about the validity of vlogging over the weekend, via Mathew Ingram and many others, with great interest.

I have told a couple of people about the idea I had which I will be working on under the name of Table Vs Jetski, one of whom was a mate of mine who currently works in Sydney consulting for phone carriers and other publishers of video content to mobile phones. His job, as he explained it to me, is mostly in convincing media companies who have reams of full-motion video content to not just shovel the entirety of their archives onto mobile networks, because it's not going to work without tailoring the video content to the medium. You can't just push the packaged soccer highlights from a TV soccer highlights show to a phone, for example, because TV soccer highlights are usually filled with long shots of the entire field showing positional play, something which comes out on a mobile phone as a big green blob with indeterminate white pixels pinging around without context. Slow-motion replays, however, work far better on mobile screens, so to get truly compelling video content to mobiles requires a different approach to editing and shot selection.

When I explained my idea to this mate of mine, he understood it immediately.

The discussion about the merits of vlogging vs podcasting vs blogging also highlighted reasons in my own mind as to why my idea will succeed. There does need to be a medium in between podcasting and vlogging, to take advantage of humans' reliance on visual stimuli, but simultaneously taking the pressure off the creators of the content to develop highly polished production values. Blogger and Wordpress allowed bloggers to concentrate on the content, and a number of podcasting startups have had varying success in making the process of recording and publicising podcasts streamlined to enable non-geeks to enter the field. Similarly, what I'm trying to assemble is a system where a happy medium between podcasting and vlogging can be achieved in an open architecture that is highly decentralised... but may also be the key to enabling easy monetisation.

I'm not quite ready to release the concept into the wild just yet, but it's close.


Anonymous Leslie Nassar said...

I'm looking forward to finding out more about Table vs. Jetski and subscribing to your product and/or service! :-P

10:21 pm, September 18, 2006  

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