Wednesday, September 20, 2006

TVJ: history, spec and FAQ

I have finished the initial posts over at the new Table Vs Jetski blog: a TVJ history, a TVJ tech spec and the beginnings of a TVJ FAQ.

TVJ is part Wordpress, part OPML, part Powerpoint, part podcasting, part vlogging. TVJ is a system to describe the way that anyone can define a visual slideshow to accompany an MP3 file by composing an OPML file which links to any kind of rich media object to illustrate the audio. In short, you can treat a podcast as if it’s the soundtrack to a TV show. Through defining the OPML file you can assemble all of the visuals to go with the corresponding audio from locations anywhere around the Internet.

I hope it looks interesting to enough people to spark some debate about building such a system.


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