Monday, December 26, 2005

Tequp 1 roundup

The attendance list for the first Tequp unpissup:
Cris says there were 11 there, but I only counted nine (update: Cris explains below). Rach and Cris formed a formidable faction in the corner, while apparently Daniel has been working with Manita on a custom imaging project for some big client, so there were already some collaborations going on. The St Arnou put on a decent spread with chicken kebabs, spring rolls, pizza and party pies all disappearing at a fair rate of knots.

The conversation was wide-ranging and more tech-focused than the Melbourne Long Tail Camp - the Tequp crowd was definitely more programmery than ideas-mannish. At one point Luke and Daniel got into heated debate over the relative merits of Objective C versus SmallTalk, at which I could only smile politely and nod, clearly out of my depth. Luke held forth at length about the relative merits of writing commercial software as opposed to Web apps, with his experiences trying to flog his Club Manager app making me think Web apps are the way to go for small developers. Manita, despite being from public relations and thus my mortal enemy, proved to be a worthy participant and may yet prove to be the bon vivant who will add that much-needed touch of glamour to the local Web 2.0 scene, in the manner of Miss Rogue. Cameron got in everyone's faces and whipped out his big, long, thick... microphone, asking them to nominate the top geek moment of 2005 and make a prediction for the biggest one of 2006. Of course, the lazy bugger hasn't uploaded the resulting podcast yet (update: Cameron said the answers were too lame).

The mood was definitely optimistic, with everyone either starting a new venture or getting a lot of requests from ideas-men who want programmers to help them start their own thing. No doubt about it, Melbourne is the place to be for the next Internet boom down under. I look forward to chatting further with both Tequp and Long Tail Camp people on the mailing list that Cris is going to set up.


Anonymous Cris Pearson said...

Nice wrap up mayt!

The end of the table you where on was certainly deeper into programming talk than the other. We did some product demos and spoke about tagging, podcasts, venture capital and projects we are working on.

RE: 11 people, 2 others turned up after everyone was leaving so Rachael (Prins) and I we stayed another 40 mins or so talking to them.

8:04 pm, December 26, 2005  

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