Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Murdoch: forget GYM or GEMAYA, it's GAY

A snippet buried in the Hollywood Reporter interview with Rupert Murdoch, fellow Australian ex-journalist:

THR: You said the Internet is more revolutionary than writing. What do you see when you look ahead 10 years? How do think the next generation will affect your company?
Murdoch: There are three very large Internet companies: America Online, which delivers data, which is really what's keeping them very strong; everyone in the world goes to Yahoo! to do their e-mail, and search with Google. I think online, it's the search for groupings, identifying search for groupings and providing sites for that -- to meet, talk, discuss. These are very interesting; there are huge numbers of people. (We're going to be) learning a lot about them and then selling advertising to them. Not too obtrusively, but when you target, there's no waste: 50,000 people over here or 5 million people over there.

There were some very smart questions asked in that interview, but I would have loved them to follow up about how he viewed Microsoft.


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