Sunday, October 23, 2005

Shout outs

I guess this non-paying version of Blogspot doesn't have a blogroll, so here's a list of links to various blogs.

ben barren - An ex-ninemsn dude who's apparently in a Melbourne-based startup. He lives on the other side of Port Phillip Bay. Loves his Hunter S. a tad too much for parseability's sake, but always good for a laugh (and a perv at the Flickr babes). I also love how he inserts random colour, font and size changes to his text, though I would never do it myself.

UAC - It started out as a Webcomic done by four guys with multiple blogs attached each time a new comic was published. After several months and various shenanigans, it has been reduced to a single blog by Shadarr (a.k.a. Deacon) illustrated by fans. The blog is far better than the art.

Peeps I know from PlanetCrap:
Penguinx, Jibble, Max, morn, Caryn.


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