Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Useless Account: sign up today!

Congrats to Jim Whimpey, the 19-year-old Brisbanite who got a fantastic writeup on TechCrunch for the site he created over the weekend, Useless Account. I haven't experienced as much new account fatigue as the TechCrunch mob, but I certainly appreciate a well-executed parody when I see one, and Jim hits all the high notes.

I'm sitting in the IRC channel of his company, Brisbane Creative, and chatting with him about his big plans. At the moment those plans are mostly based around seeing how much he can spam Digg to get the word out, but we did discuss an API. I wanted one so that I could get his users to come across to Tinfinger (or any other site). However, an API would make his accounts useful and thus go against the spirit of the thing. Maybe not.

I wish Jim all the best with his future career which, if the start of it is any indication, could be a fun ride!


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