Friday, February 02, 2007

Blog posts that stupid up the Internet

1. In-depth articles discussing the relative worth of two or more Internet companies, like Fotolog and Flickr, which are based solely on Alexa traffic numbers. Please Jason Kottke, allow comments on your blog so we can flame you in person.

2. Puff pieces on how wonderful it would be if Google finally released that OS/PC/Metaverse/flying car that everyone just KNOWS that they're developing in secret. No, they're not doing any of it, they're concentrating on their core business of search because they're smart. Geez, are you all 12 years old? Om Malik should know better, Google is not an ARG. They're just human beings.

3. Someone working for MySpace just farted! Isn't Chad Hurley cuuuuute? Or at least that's what Mashable* sounds like some days. Come on Pete Cashmore, it's getting a little ridiculous with the MySpace/YouTube coverage. Why are you posting digests for the interesting smaller companies on which you have been a significant reporter, and spending all of your time on the already-blanket-covered giants? Expand those snippets out into their own stories and give me something more interesting that the latest widget war story from GEMAYA subsidiaries, please.


Anonymous aaron said...

Agreed - all these unnecessary posts are drawing attention away from what's really important: what Scoble thinks about Arrington, and vice versa.

8:07 am, February 02, 2007  

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