Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Just to say I blogged this month

Let's keep this short and snappy. I haven't got the personal bandwidth to compose the sort of 1000-word essay that my usual blogging style requires.

I don't visit Techmeme any more, haven't for months and months. I get my news from NetVibes and Twitter. Haven't got the energy to keep up with the melodrama. Important memes have a way of percolating through.

One of those is the mystic rediscovery that AdSense isn't the Alpha and the Omega (linked because of comment #5). Well, maybe it's the Alpha. The Omega, apparently, is becoming your own advertising network. We've at least got past the Alpha stage with FanFooty, having ditched AdSense in favour of a local agency which uses DoubleClick. Still part of the GOOG family, I guess. What would you call this stage... Mu? The cow analogy works, the eatin' is good.

It's interesting that we were headhunted by this agency to replace another company in our space which just graduated to Omega status, leaving a big hole in their inventory. We're still just two blokes in a garage, operationally, while the Omega-bound competitor rents a North Melbourne hothouse with more than a dozen employees.

Tai doesn't like me lifting the skirt like this, but I think no harm done. Now, how long before I blog next time?


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