Saturday, January 06, 2007

My part in the Acer Ferrari laptop scandal

The inestimable Frank Arrigo links to me today in a most mysterious way. Apparently my Top 5 Aussie consumer tech blogs post way back in October was "Post Zero" for the scandal in .au territories. All shall be revealed tomorrow in the Australian Financial Review, evidently... though Josh Gliddon didn't contact me about it!

UPDATE: The article actually appeared today, and surprise surprise, it's not behind the AFR paywall! The piece, entitled Blogger takes free laptop in his stride, focuses mostly on Darren Rowse's bemusement, with quotes from Frank himself. Since Frank revealed my part in it already, I should say that I had no knowledge that any free schwag was involved, much less $3000 worth. All I was asked, by a Microsoft PR person whom I know very well, was to name the top 5 Australian consumer bloggers-who-were-not-also-journalists. Turns out that I didn't stick to the brief all that well since I have since found out that Stephen Withers, #5 on my list, is also a professional journalist. The other four are all worthy, however, despite Darren's protestation in the AFR that he doesn't "do reviews". (Another disclosure, if needed: I had not met or spoken to any of the five, except for William at last year's Influence event.) As someone has already pointed out via email to me, I created the list but didn't get a laptop, so boo for me! :D


Anonymous scientaestubique said...

You must login to the AFR to view this article.

2:27 pm, January 08, 2007  
Blogger Paul Montgomery said...

Yeah well, the AFR site cuts off any article, even free ones, after a couple of days. I could blog ad infinitum on how stupid Fairfax are for their paywall approach for the AFR.

3:23 pm, January 08, 2007  

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