Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Highway to Elsternwick: the MLTC album

Highway To The Club - Dsico (a capella by J-Kwon, instrumental by AC/DC)
Princejet - DJ Zebra (pella by Prince, instrumental by Jet)
Love's Torn Theme - fuTuRo (pella by Natalie Imbruglia, instrumental by Love Unlimited Orchestra)
Mysterious Tweet - DJ Cheezi (pella by Tweet, instrumental by Peter Andre)
- Dirtyoldman (pella by Kylie Minogue, instrumental by Miss Kittin)
Compton Magic - Dsico (pella by Olivia Newton-John, instrumental by NWA)
Right Said Bed - DJ Mike W (pella by Right Said Fred, instrumental by Midnight Oil)
Dirrty Girl - Soundhog (pella by Christina Aguilera, instrumental by Jet)
Return Of The Weather Episode - Go Home Productions (pella by Snoop Dogg, instrumental by Crowded House)
Songs For My Yobbo - DJ Stu (medley of Aussie bands including Diesel, Barnesy, Big Pig, Kylie, INXS et al)
Can't Get You Out Of Blue Monday Live - Kylie Minogue (pella by Kylie Minogue, instrumental by Joy Division, performed live @ the Brits 2002 - with voiceover, excerpted from "Raiding the 20th Century" by DJ Food)

Sorry that some of the files are hosted elsewhere behind hoops, but that's the price of free mp3 hosting.


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